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Kohlrabi is available at the farmer’s market now. Do you have any recipes or ideas for ways to prepare it?

Sue, Fairfax, VA

Funny you should ask, Sue.

I like kohlrabi so planted it in my garden this year but turns out that local wildlife like it too… so my seedlings were all devoured.

My favorite ways to prepare kohlrabi are to pickle it (see Quick Pickle recipe, below) or to grate it and serve atop of a fresh summer salad.

I don’t generally serve Quick Pickles for breakfast for a few reasons, partly because even though they are “quick,” pickling or transformation takes time (a minimum of 2-3 hours) and most of us don’t have that much time before breakfast. However, if you really want pickles for breakfast (you ought not to eat too many) you could make them a day or two ahead.

Grated kohlrabi is a breakfast option; I am going to look for some kohlrabi at my local farm stand and will post a few good breakfast recipes… Stay tuned.

Quick Ume Pickles


1 kohlrabi

¼ red onion (optional)

¼ cup umeboshi plum vinegar

1 cup water


Slice the kohlrabi into paper-thin discs.

If desired, halve the discs, so you’ll have half moons.

If using, slice the red onion into crescent-moons.

Place the kohlrabi in the bottom of a glass bowl.

If you are using it, place the onion on top of the kohlrabi.

Combine the ume plum vinegar and the water in a measuring cup.

Pour the liquid slowly over the vegetables in the bowl.

Place a light weight (such as a plate) on top and let sit for 2-5 hours.

Use a mesh skimmer to remove the pickled kohlrabi and onions from the brine.

Reserve a bit of the brine and store pickles in a glass jar in brine for up to a week.

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