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Vegetables for Breakfast – aka vfb –  is about transforming the way you eat, one vegetable at a time. Eating vegetables for breakfast can CHANGE YOUR relationship with food because it changes the way you absorb, digest and metabolize your meal.

For one year, from June 19, 2013 until June 19, 2014 I posted the vegetable dish I ate – and fed my family – every morning, along with the recipe.  I showed you what I ate for breakfast for 365 days wherever I ate: in a restaurant, hotel, airplane or whole foods store.

Since June 19, 2014, I have been posting (mostly) monthly, including the whole meal, in addition to the vegetables. I changed the format because many readers asked me what I served with the vegetables. My answer: a whole grain dish and often a plant protein (like nuts, seeds, beans or a bean product, and, occasionally, a small portion of fish).

I am a mother of two, a nourishment educator, counselor and writer guiding women, children, and families on improving their health and well-being through making informed diet and lifestyle choices. My passions are cooking for my family and teaching food-awareness, food science and cooking to children and adults from 2 to 98 years old. I teach in schools, community centers and privately.

Before eating vegetables for breakfast changed my life, I was an editor on Style.com, Glamour, Seventeen, Parents, Departures, Redbook and Your Prom. My articles have appeared in magazines and newspapers including Eating Well, Good HousekeepingThe New York Times, Travel and Leisure, Yoga Journal, and The Wine Spectator.

I invite you to EAT vegetables for breakfast. VARY the vegetables, and try to CHOOSE seasonal, locally grown, organic vegetables whenever possible. VARY the way they’re cooked and the way they’re served. CHEW them well. NOTICE the difference in how you feel.

–Nancy Wolfson-Moche                                                                                                                                                                                            March 17, 2015

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  1. Great, Dorothy. Let me know how you feel after eating veggies for breakfast for a while.

  2. I also eat vegetables for breakfast! It changed my life. My body has slimmed down and I got so much energy I started to run 3 miles every morning before I eat. A cascade effect of goodness!

  3. Hi Nancy–Now I know why you look so young! I sometimes make a vegetable soup for breakfast–thin sliced onion, scallion, spinach, sometimes tomato quick boiled with tsp of Penzeys vegetable stock. Serve over brown rice. I learned to love savory vegetables for breakfast in my many trips to Japan, where it is the norm. I will follow your blog with interest!


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