On this last day of the first month of the year, we have a new moon. To celebrate this transition I have combined the Napa cabbage of yesterday with the radicchio of Wednesday  with new collard greens and red pepper.


serves 4



4 large collard green leaves

4 Napa cabbage leaves

4 radicchio leaves

1 red pepper

1 kiwi

Process Wash the collards, Napa, radicchio and red pepper, each separately. IMG_1777

To blanch the collards and Napa leaves, fill a deep, wide skillet with water, add a pinch of sea salt and bring to a roiling boil.  Drop in one napa leaf. When it floats to the top and turns a more intense shade of green, remove it with a wire mesh skimmer. Repeat with each leaf.  Cut a V-shape out of the bottom of each Napa leaf and set them aside. Then blanch each collard green leaf just as you did the Napa. IMG_1768 Set aside. Cut the red pepper into strips; cut the kiwi into half-inch-thick rounds and set aside.  To make each pinwheel, place one collard leaf on a cutting board. Cut away the tough stem at the leaf’s base and discard. IMG_1772

Then place a radicchio leaf on top of the collard.


Next layer a Napa cabbage leaf on top of that. Finally lay two or three slices of red pepper horizontally about two inches from the bottom of the leaves. IMG_1784

Now begin to roll up all four layers together. When you are three-quarters of the way to

the top, fold in the sides.


Make a cylinder and then squeeze it, releasing any excess water. IMG_1797

Cut the cylinder into half-inch-thick pieces.


Arrange on a plate and top with a kiwi slice. Note: you may also serve with soy sauce or another dipping sauce.

©Nancy Wolfson-Moche 2014