cabbage cream cheese rolls

I generally don’t use cheese with vegetables for breakfast. Unless the cheese is handcrafted goat cream cheese from Adamah.  I mean, I know these goats. They are happy goats. They live in a beautiful, serene place. And the cheese is awesome.


serves 2


2 large napa cabbage leaves

pinch of coarse sea salt

3 Tablespoons Adamah cream cheese

Process   Select two napa cabbage leaves in good condition, without tears or holes in the leaves.


Wash the napa cabbage leaves well.  Fill a large stainless steel skillet with about 3 inches of water and place on a medium to high flame.  Add a pinch of coarse sea salt to the water. When the water is actively boiling (“roiling”) add one cabbage leaf. Immerse it in the water and when you notice it changing color (becoming a bit darker), remove it from the water with a wire mesh skimmer.


This should take about 1 minute.  Remove the leaf carefully, trying to keep it whole. Set aside to cool.  Bring the water back to boiling. Blanch the second cabbage leaf in the same way and set aside.  Lay the cooled leaf on a broad cutting board. Cut a small inverted “V” out of the base of the leaf and discard.  Or nibble – it is crunchy and delicious.


Place 1 ½ Tablespoons of cream cheese in the center of the leaf, about 1 inch from the base.


Roll the cabbage from the bottom, covering the cheese. When you have rolled about three quarters of the leaf, fold the sides in.


Finish rolling. Slice the roll into four or five pieces


and arrange on a plate.  Repeat.

©Nancy Wolfson-Moche 2013