carrot tatsoi roll-ups

I still have lots of delicious organic carrots. I peeled them, making the peel wide. I wrapped them around steamed, rolled tatsoi, topped off with a piece of juicy watermelon. I tip my hat to my daughter for taking this lovely photo!


serves 2


1 thick carrot

1 bunch of tatsoi

small piece of watermelon

1/2 lime (optional)


Wash the tatsoi well and trim any long stems.


Place the clean tatsoi in a steamer basket (stainless steel or bamboo).


Pour a small amount of water into the steamer pot (about 2 inches of water is enough), cover the pot, and bring water to a boil on a medium flame. Place the basket of tatsoi on top and cover.


When the tatsoi wilts but still retains its deep green hue, remove the steamer basket from the pot. Turn off the flame. Set tatsoi aside to cool. In the meantime, peel the carrot. First remove the outer skin. Then continue to peel the carrot on one side – this is how you’ll get thick peel. Set aside about 8 thick carrot “ribbons.”


Cut a small slice of watermelon. Cut the piece into small strips and cut them into tiny rectangles (about 1-inch long and ½-inch wide).


Assemble the roll-ups

Take about 4-5 of the cooled tatsoi leaves. Pile them one on top of another and roll them up, squeezing out any excess water.


Fold the ends in to create a small log with a flat bottom.


It should stand up on a flat surface and be about 1-½ inches high.


Begin to wrap one ribbon of carrot peel around it.


The peel will be long enough to wrap around the tatsoi log twice, or more.


Gently press the end into the already-wrapped peel, and it should stick.


Top with a small rectangle of watermelon. Squeeze fresh lime juice on top if desired.


©Nancy Wolfson-Moche 2013