cucumbers, wrapped

It was a busy morning. A school day in August! I had lots of cucumbers. I had lots of carrots. I had a new carrot peeler, so I peeled the carrot and sliced the cucumber and married the two. It would make a great diy snack for kids. My kids were so keen on doing it themselves that they took them apart and re-wrapped them.


serves 2



1 medium-large cucumber

1 large carrot

2-3 teaspoons Eden sesame-sea vegetable shake

2 teaspoons umeboshi plum paste


Wash the cucumber and carrot well.  Slice the cucumber into thick half-inch rounds, leaving the skin on.


Peel the carrot so the peel is thick and ribbony.


Gently, wrap the carrot ribbons around the cucumber skin, using a small amount of water to make the end of the peel adhere to the already-wrapped peel.


Top with a half teaspoon dollop of umeboshi plum paste


or a sprinkle (about a half teaspoon) of the sesame-sea vegetable shake.


You could also top with a dollop of yogurt or a creamy cheese.

©Nancy Wolfson-Moche 2013