sliced cukes and radishes with herb-blanketed tofu

My children have so much fun playing games around this dish that they’ve eaten it all up before they’ve finished identifying the herbs, naming the different shapes of the radishes and calculating the number of cucumbers with radishes on top versus those without.


serves 2



4-5 fresh cucumbers

3-4 fresh radishes

one slice tofu

a sprig each of:  basil, dill, mint, oregano, rosemary, sage, thyme

a few edible flowers (here, violas)

optional: a drizzle of umeboshi plum vinegar

optional: a pinch of sea salt


Wash the cukes, radishes and all herbs well.  Wash the tofu and place it in an uncovered glass container (best to store already-opened tofu this way in the fridge).


Slice the cukes and radishes into paper-thin discs and set them aside, on separate plates.


Slice the tofu into a ¾”- thick square and place on plate.


Chop some of the larger-leafed and more pungent herbs (like sage, basil, rosemary and oregano) into tiny pieces. Leave the thyme and edible flowers whole.


Garnish the tofu with the herbs, strewing them on top.


Arrange the cukes and radishes around the tofu block.


Drizzle the ume plum vinegar on top of tofu and veggies.