kale and mustard greens with orange juice

The slight sweetness of kale complements the pungent peppery flavor of mustard greens, creating balance: something to strive for each day. Kale and mustard greens, both in the brassica family, contain antioxidants, including vitamin C, beta-carotene and others that may help prevent arthritis and benefit eyes, hair and skin. Kale is high in calcium and potassium (bone and teeth strengtheners), while mustard greens contain folate, a B vitamin that may counter heart disease and enhance memory.


serves 2-3


4-5 large mustard green leaves

5-6 dinosaur and red kale leaves, mixed

½ naval or valencia orange (any juicing orange will do)

pinch of coarse sea salt


Wash the greens well.


Trim unwanted kale stems; cut the kale leaves into 2-inch wide pieces and set aside.


Trim unwanted mustard green stems; cut the mustard leaves into similar 2-inch wide pieces and set aside.


Place 1-2 inches water in a medium-sized skillet.  Add a pinch of sea salt and bring water to a boil.


Drop the cut kale into the water. When it begins to wilt and turn a brighter color, add the mustard greens.  Use cooking chopsticks to urge the greens to immerse.


When both kale and mustard are soft and bright green, remove with the chopsticks or a mesh skimmer.


Arrange on a plate.   Squeeze the orange and pour juice over the greens.


Note: you can top this dish with leftover beet salad from last Friday’s post.