quick-sautéed broccoli with onions and corn

This morning’s grey sky held the possibility of rain;  this energizing dish brought sizzle and snap.


serves 2


½ yellow onion

2 stalks broccoli

1 ear corn (note: you can also use leftover, cooked corn or frozen corn)

1 Tablespoon EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

1 teaspoon tamari sauce


Wash the broccoli well.

Cut the onion in half, lengthwise.


Peel the papery skin and then slice the onion into half moons and set aside.


Husk the corn (if using fresh) and shave the kernels from the cob. Set aside.


Remove tough outer skin on the stalk of the broccoli, and remove any leaves.

Slice the broccoli stalk into disks and cut the flowers into bite-size pieces.


Heat a medium-sized stainless steel skillet on a medium flame.

After one minute add the EVOO to the pan.

Add onions and use cooking chopsticks to lightly brown them on all sides.


Add the fresh corn to the pan and mix with the onions.


When the corn and onion are mixed together, add the broccoli pieces.


Sautée all three vegetables together, using cooking chopsticks to be sure each side of each vegetable receives the heat of the pan.

When broccoli is a shade of bright green, drizzle the tamari sauce on top and mix so that it blends well.

Serve with soft polenta or porridge.