farm greens with tarragon vinaigrette

Veggies are not on the breakfast menu at our Newport, RI b&b, so I asked for takeout from Tallulah on Thames, where we savored every sweet bite of dinner last night. No problem, they said, packing up a salad of greens similar but not equal to the one that my husband had enjoyed for his first course.


A sign posted in chef Jake Rojas’ quiet, open kitchen statesno farmers – no food.”  Each carefully conceived dish is a reminder of this truth.

My to-go breakfast salad, pictured above, looked and tasted a bit different from the one my husband enjoyed last night and that did not surprise me. Each plate that comes out of the kitchen is one-of-a-kind.

The INgredients: frisée and other locally grown leafy greens, carrots, chioggia beets, fennel, edible flowers and radish with a tarragon vinaigrette.