sliced cucumbers with ume plum vinegar

This simple crunchy cucumber salad was light and refreshing on a hot, muggy New York morning . Paired with a bowl of warm brown basmati rice, it was very satisfying.



1-2 Persian cucumbers, washed well

4-7 drops umeboshi plum vinegar


Use a cutting board and a good, sharp knife to slice the cucumbers as paper-thin as possible. (I love this Japanese child’s knife by Misono)

Place the sliced cukes in a bowl and sprinkle a few drops of umeboshi plum vinegar on them. (I like traditional Ryujin ume vinegar).


If you can, let the dish stand for at least ten minutes, up to an hour, so the cucumbers have time to pickle slightly.

The ume plum vinegar adds flavor and will make the cucumbers a bit more digestible.