steamed red kale with fresh sliced peaches

Veggies for breakfast 6-16-13

serves 4


1 bunch red kale

2 fresh juicy peaches


Wash peaches and kale well by soaking each separately in large bowl of water.

Trim the kale, cutting off ends and especially hard pieces of spines.

Cut the kale into bite-size pieces and place it in steamer basket.

Bring a small amount of water to a boil in pot you will use for steaming. Note: a pasta pot with steamer basket works well if you don’t have a bamboo steamer.

When water boils place steamer basket on top and be sure to cover the basket tightly. Let steam until kale turns bright, vivid green (usually about 2-3 minutes).

Remove steamer basket from pot and remove kale from steamer basket.

While kale is steaming, slice peaches into thin half-moons (as shown).

Place steamed kale in center of plate encircled with peach slices.